Send SMS from Google Sheets

Send SMS from Google Sheets Using your Android Phone !

That allows you to send BULK SMS and Real-time SMS notifications to your customers instantly

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Send SMS from Google Sheets

Send personalized SMS messages each time a new row is added to a Google spreadsheet.

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Send Bulk SMS

We offer two methods for sending SMS messages to multiple recipients. You can either fill in our bulk SMS CSV template or our Excel template and upload it to SMS8, or send it to the list of your customers that you previously added to the website.

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Auto responder and Shedule SMS

You can set up automated responses for specific SMS messages, so whenever you receive those messages, SMS8 will reply automatically. Additionally, you can schedule SMS messages to be sent at specific times, eliminating the need to manually send messages each time.

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Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still cannot find the answer to your question, send us an Email or ask in chat box .

The SMS8 application works only on Android phones at the moment since Apple doesn't allow you to install a custom SMS messaging app

SMS8 gateway application can run on any of the following Android verions: KitKat, Oreo, Lollipop, Pie, Marshmallow, 10, Nougat .
So you can install the application on your old Android phone which you don't use anymore.

Yes, your mobile device needs to be permanently connected to internet, using mobile data or wireless.

You can send SMS messages using the phone numbers added to the platform. Choose the sender ID or let it be sent randomly. has a Free Plan . If your requirements are higher, you can upgrade to one of our Premium Plans.
An additional cost would be the SMS Plan from your Network Provider, which often includes unlimited SMS messages.